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Review Guidelines

At MyKnifeGuide, we strive to provide readers with comprehensive, unbiased reviews of knives and gear. Our reviews are written by knowledgeable writers who thoroughly test and evaluate each product.

Review Process Our review process is rigorous to ensure we capture all relevant details:

  • We obtain review samples directly from the manufacturer whenever possible. This allows us to review the latest models. We purchase samples anonymously if unable to obtain from the company.
  • Writers use the product extensively before reviewing. This includes real-world testing tailored to the knife type, such as camping, hunting, food prep, whittling etc. We want in-depth test notes, not first impressions.
  • Detailed measurements and weights are taken. Things like blade length, thickness, handle dimensions, weight, etc. are all measured for exact specifications.
  • The product is put through appropriate use and simulated abuse testing. We don’t baby gear in reviews! Testers use and carry the knife extensively and also test elements like edge retention, tip strength, lock integrity etc.
  • All features, functions, materials, and relevant details are thoroughly documented. Our reviews leave no stone unturned.
  • Comparisons to similar knives provide useful context for the reader. We draw from our team’s extensive hands-on experience with hundreds of knives.
  • Pros, cons, best uses, and final verdict clearly summarize our assessment. Reviews provide the info you need, not just flowery marketing text.
  • Photos, charts, tables etc. are used to illustrate key data and details. Clear visuals aid the reader.
  • Pricing and availability at the time of review publishing is noted. This information helps readers purchase.

Our strict review guidelines result in genuinely useful reviews knife enthusiasts can trust. Our mission is to provide the facts, not hype. Please contact us if you have any questions about our review process!