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Best Electric Carving Knives – Reviews 2022 – 2023

Tower T19028 Electric Knife with One Touch Operation, Ergonomic Design and Storage Case, 120W, Black, 1 Pack
  • ELECTRIC POWERED – with 120W of power, this knife removes the strain of manually slicing tough meats and other ingredients
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES – cuts effortlessly through vegetables, bread, cooked meat, sausages and salami
  • ONE TOUCH OPERATION – with just one touch of a button you can start slicing through your food in no time for efficient performance
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – provides you with a comfortable grip to ensure safe and precise slicing
  • STORAGE CASE INCLUDED – keep the knife and blades neatly stored away in the included case for convenient space-saving storage
Russell Hobbs Electric Carving Knife 13892, White
  • Serrated, detachable blades
  • 120 W power
  • Easy wrap cord storage
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Convenient thumb tip control button
QUEST Electric Stainless-Steel Knife Plus Extra Coarse Blade / Serrated Carving Knife / Cuts Meat, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits & More / 120W / 2 Colours (White)
  • ELECTRIC CARVING KNIFE – This electric carving knife is the perfect kitchen accessory to assist you at mealtimes, and allows you to effortlessly carve meats, breads and fruits and veg for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – This carving knife features a detachable stainless-steel blade which is best suited for roasts, poultry and general cutting and carving. It is also ideal for slicing uncut bread and meats.
  • EXTRA COURSE BLADE – The knife also includes a course blade which is perfect for cutting through frozen foods and hard to tackle meats. The carving knife features a blade release button which allows you to switch between blades easily and safely or remove them for cleaning either by hand, or in the dishwasher.
  • 120W POWER – The beauty of this device is that it has enough power to effortlessly carve meats and breads but is also whisper quiet in the process. The knife also features a safety on/off button for additional peace of mind.
  • QUEST APPLIANCES - Quest are the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen. From omelette makers & waffle makers, to teppanyaki grills & air fryers, visit the Quest store on Amazon to view the whole range.

Top 3 Electric Knife Sharpeners

An electric carving knife is a must have for any kitchen. They make carving meats and loaves of bread effortless and are a magnificent product to have tucked away in the kitchen cupboard. Here, we review the best electric carving knives currently on the market.

Tower T19003 Electric Carving Knife, 180 W – Black Review – Our Number 1

Tower T19003 Electric Carving KnifeThe Tower T19003 Electric Carving Knife (view on Amazon) is a nifty tool which makes carving food effortless. Here’s what it has to offer.

  • The knife has a 180 W motor, making it a powerful machine which quickly slices through food items.
  • It’s multi-functional when slicing meats and can carve both cooked and frozen products.
  • The blades on the knife are stainless steel and dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and long-lasting.Tower T19003 Electric Carving Knife Review
  • Safety release blades have been built into the design to prevent any accidents while in use.
  • The knife comes with a 3 year guarantee, giving you reassurance should anything go wrong with the product.
  • The product is elegantly designed and would look right at home in the kitchen.
  • It weighs in at 785 grams, making it light and comfortable to use.

The Tower T19003 Electric Carving Knife is a lightweight, well-made carving knife that includes some great features, including a good warranty and safety release blades. The lightweight machine is perfect for anyone with joint problems and can quietly and effectively carve through a variety of food products.


Features: 180 W motor – Lightweight – Stainless steel – Dishwasher safe – Safety release blades  – Easy to clean – Elegantly designed – 3 year guarantee

Pricing: Affordable

James Martin by Wahl Electric Knife Review – Number 2

James Martin by Wahl Electric KnifeThe James Martin by Wahl Electric Knife is a stylish product which has the added benefit of being tested and approved by the well-known TV chef, James Martin. It includes some great features and functions which include the following.

  • The James Martin knife has a 120 W motor which makes it easy to carve and cut food items.James Martin by Wahl Electric Knife Review
  • The knife has multi-purpose functions as it comes with two interchangeable blades which you can switch between to cut all types of meats. A coarse blade is also included for use when carving frozen foods and tough meats.
  • A safety lock with an on/off switch and safety release blades are built into the knife giving you peace of mind when using the product.
  • The blades are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe, making them durable and easy to clean.
  • The knife has a soft touch rubberised insert which provides additional grip, comfort and control when in use.
  • The knife has a moderate noise level to ensure it’s not damaging to the ears when being used.
  • Tested and approved by TV chef, James Martin.

The James Martin by Wahl Electric Knife is available in stunning white, making it simple, clean and a beautiful accessory to add to your kitchen. The interchangeable blades are a great feature which sets this carving knife apart from some if its rivals on the market. In addition to this, the safety lock and on/off switch are great benefits.


Features: 120 W motor – Two interchangeable blades – Safety lock – Safety release blades – Stainless steel blades – Dishwasher safe – Soft touch rubberised insert  – Moderate noise output – Approved by James Martin

Pricing: Mid-range

Judge Electric Carving Knife with Serrated Universal Blade Review – Number 3

Judge Electric Carving Knife with Serrated Universal BladeThe Judge Electric Carving Knife with Serrated Universal Blade is a basic carving knife capable of carving meat, bread and more. It also includes the following features.

  • The knife has a powerful 150 W motor, making it quick and easy to carve food products such as meat.
  • The product weighs in 780 grams, making it lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • The blades on the knife are detachable, making them easy to clean and store away.Judge Electric Carving Knife with Serrated Universal Blade Review
  • Sharp, serrated blades are included with the product and they make light work of carving.
  • The knife has an ergonomic handle which is easy to hold.
  • The machine is quiet to use.
  • The carving knife is simple and easy to use and is turned on and off via a power button that can be accessed with the thumb.

The Judge Electric Carving Knife with Serrated Universal Blade is a nifty carving knife which is powerful and simple enough for meat and bread carving. The serrated blades are a great feature which ensures a thorough cut with every use.


Features: 150 W motor – Lightweight – Detachable blades – Serrated blades – Ergonomic handle – Quiet

Pricing: High end


The Tower T19003 Electric Carving Knife wins the top carving knife. Its super-high 180 W motor makes it one of the most powerful carving knives on the market and the additional 3 year warranty ensures it stand out from the crowd.

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