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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners – Reviews 2022 – 2023

AnySharp Knife Sharpener with Power Grip, Blue, One Size
  • Sharpens any knife with diamond precision
  • Sharpens hardened knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier)
  • Even sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread knives, hunting knives)
  • Very safe one handed use, PowerGrip suction attaches securely to any flat surface
  • Dimensions: 60mm diameter and 60mm high
  • 2 Years Warranty
THRITOP 3 in 1 Electric Knife Sharpener Tool, Knife Sharpener System Kitchen Sharpening Machine for Knives Scissors & Screwdrivers ,40W, Black
  • HIGH POWER AND EFFICIENT--40W power electric sharpener saving time for you faster and cutting more beautiful shape of food. High-quality, reliable sharpening tool,Japanese grinding wheel .THRITOP sharpener will be your PREFERRED CHOICE
  • 3-in-1 ELECTRIC SHARPENER: THRITOP Knife Sharpener for kitchen, utility, folding, hunting knives, scissors and screwdrivers. This multipurpose knife sharpener saves space in your cupboards & cabinets!
  • 2 STAGE MULTI-ANGLE KNIFE SHARPENER: Engineered to both hone and polish simultaneously, with in-built auto angle, this tactical knife sharpener machine brings sharpness and new life back to your knife blades, metal screwdrivers and scissor blades.
  • EASY TO USE, SAFE AND VERSATILE --One touch on/off switch and automatic retractable cord, plug and play! You can unplug and touch the small button when you finished, the entire power line will auto get back, it’s very convenience!
  • NEW DESIGN AND ENOUGH STRONGER--This is designed to be a round so that it just occupy little place. For safety, 4 non slip feet design that it can be controlled anytime when you using it. Perfect for Use in Home,Kitchen,Hotel Or Restaurant.
Electric Knife Sharpener - Professional Blade Sharpener, Ideal for All Types of Kitchen Knives - Master Class by Jean Patrique
  • PROFESSIONAL KNIFE SHARPENER - Every cook needs a regularly maintained set of sharp kitchen knives! This electric kitchen knife sharpener sharpens all types of knives via a two-stage precision-grinding and fine polishing process.
  • HIGH PRECISION GRINDING - Diamond-hard, heavy-duty professional sharpening wheels produce razor-sharp knives with every use.
  • KNIFE POLISHING & SHINE - Keep your finest kitchen knives as sleek and shining as the day you bought them.
  • EASY TO USE - Internal guides ensure the knife is always positioned at the correct angle, so there’s no risk of damage.
  • COMPACT STORAGE - Built to use space efficiently, this electric knife sharpener can be stored in any kitchen cupboard or up on a shelf thanks to a compact footprint.

Top 3 Electric Knife Sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners are handy items to have around the home. They allow you to conveniently sharpen any of your household and outdoor knives quickly and efficiently. Here, we look at some of the best on the market.

VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener – Our Number 1

VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife SharpenerVonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener (view on Amazon) is a compact, nicely designed knife sharpener which would look great in any home. It also includes some great features which are summed up below.

  • The knife sharpener allows you to professionally sharpen your knives in the comfort of your own home as it has a two stage sharpening system which ensures a razor sharp finish on your knife set.
  • The knife sharpener can be used on all knives made from alloy, carbon or stainless steel, making it a handy sharpener for various knives used in and out of the home.VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener Review
  • The product is able to quickly and effectively sharpen both sides of knives as it has two grinding wheels with two slots per wheel.
  • The design is compact, allowing for easy storage in even the smallest of kitchens.
  • Includes cord storage and non-slip suction feet, ensuring it’s as safe as possible when in use and when stored.
  • The knife sharpener is multi-functional as it also features a scissor sharpener and screwdriver sharpener.
  • A 2 year warranty is included with the product.

The VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener with Screwdriver Sharpening Port & Scissor Groove is a brilliant compact machine which benefits from the additional screwdriver and scissor sharpening features. The compact design allows for easy storage meaning it won’t take up precious room in your kitchen and the 2-year warranty is great for giving buyers peace of mind that they’re buying a high-quality product.


Features: Two storage sharpening system – Two grinding wheels – Compact design – Cord storage – Non-slip suction feet – Scissor sharpener – Screwdriver sharpener – 2 year warranty – Coarse and fine sharpening

Pricing: Affordable

Denny International Sharpener – Number 2

Denny International Professional Electric Knife Scissor Tools SharpenerThe Denny International Professional Electric Knife Scissor Tools Sharpener is a classy gadget which allows users to sharpen any knife within the comfort of their own home. It includes some great features which we look at in further detail below.

  • The knife sharpener has a powerful 60 W motor which sharpeners knives quickly and efficiently.
  • The sharpener features a settable fuse and on/off switch button for ease of useDenny International Professional Electric Knife Scissor Tools Sharpener REview
  • It has 2 grinding wheels which allow for coarse or fine sharpening. This makes it perfect for sharpening all types of knife.
  • The knife sharpener is capable of sharpening knives, scissors and screwdrivers.
  • The product is a professional electric sharpener which gives you the opportunity to restore the sharpness of your knives to their original condition.
  • The knife sharpener has a 1 metre long automatic retractable cord, allowing for safe use and storage.
  • Included with the product are 4 non slip suction feet to keep the product sturdy and still when in use.
  • The product is designed to be sturdy, robust and easy to use, therefore making it the perfect knife sharpener.
  • The knife sharpener has an RPM of 13000 to 18000 and a voltage of 220V to 240V

The Denny International Professional Electric Knife Scissor Tools Sharpener has a great design which people will love. It’s a great multifunctional design and many will love its additional scissor and screwdriver sharpening features, which can be sharpened quickly thanks to its powerful motor.


Features: 60 W motor – Settable fuse – On/off switch – 2 grinding wheels – Scissor and screwdriver sharpening – Professional knife sharpener – Automatic retractable cord – 4 suction feet – Sturdy – Robust – Easy to use

Pricing: Affordable

Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener – Number 3

Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives, 2 Stage SharpenerThe Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener is a stylish piece of kit which would look great in any kitchen. It has a beautiful design which is complimented by some great features which we look into in more detail below.

  • The knife sharpener can sharpen alloy, carbon and stainless steel knives, making it the perfect knife sharpener to sharpen any type of knife in and out of the home.
  • The knife sharpener is fitted with 4 non-slip feet, making it a sturdy piece of equipment that can be used worry free.
  • The product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you the confidence you’ve purchased a high quality product which is unlikely to develop a fault.Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives, 2 Stage Sharpener Review
  • The knife sharpener ensures knives are razor sharp every time.
  • The product is easy and comfortable to use for both right and left-handed individuals.
  • The knife sharpener includes two grinding wheels, which grind both sides of a knife at the same time, meaning sharpening is quick and efficiently achieved.
  • A two stage grinding process is included, ensuring a sharp, smooth edge on every knife it sharpens.

The Andrew James Electric Knife is a lovely piece of equipment to have in the home. The 2 year warranty is a great bonus that everyone will love and the assurance of a two stage grinding process is beneficial. The knife sharpener includes some great features, however it does lack from some of the additional features that its competitors boast.


Features: Sharpens multiple knife types – 4 non-slip feet – Sturdy – 2 year warranty – Easy and comfortable to use – Two grinding wheels – Two stage grinding process

Pricing: Affordable


The top electric knife sharpener goes to the VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener with Screwdriver Sharpening Port & Scissor Groove. The product looks great and boasts some brilliant features, including the scissor and screwdriver sharpener. It can be used on knives made of numerous different materials, making it perfect for all round use and the 2 year warranty included with the product pushes this to the top of the list.

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