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Best Knife Sets – Reviews 2022 – 2023

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Top 3 Set Of Knives

It is true that individually hand picking each blade you have in your kitchen brings an air of not only professionalism but individuality to it, however there are still a lot of high quality knife sets out there, for those who don’t have the time, knowledge or budget to hand pick each knife. Not to say that knife sets are inferior, the uniformity of not only the look itself, but the quality of each knife can be refreshing as well as taking that little extra off your plate when it comes to buying high quality cookware. I will be covering, currently, the top three knife sets out there.


Global Oriental Knife Block Set G830/7B Reviews – Our Number 1

Global Oriental Knife Block SetThis knife set (view at Amazon) it a beautiful looking one, with handles that remind me of the Japanese blades of old used by the Samurai, to a full silver look that adds not only to its beautiful exterior, from the blade handles to the holder it comes in, but it also adds to the uniformity that is one of the major pros of any knife set out there. The knives and pros this set has been.

  • It has five knives total. An eighteen and eleven centimetre cook knife. A fifteen centimetre flexible utility knife, an eleven centimetre general utility knife and a twelve centimetre Santoku knife.
  • The holder itself has extra space for additional knives, if you even want to expand your collection beyond what it currently has. Which is a convenient addition, since if I just wanted to buy one maybe two more, having to obtain a second holder or some other way of storing my them, would cost more.
  • Sharp, stylish and easy to use. These knives are made in such a way that not only do they look amazing, but they are as sharp as you would like them as well as making them easier to use than first expected from a fancily designed set.Global Oriental Knife Block Set Review

From the beautiful design to the high quality of construction, along with the additional places for more knives, if and when you choose to buy more, the Global Oriental Knife Block Set G830/7B does not disappoint. Definitely worth purchasing if you have the money to buy them.


Features: Has 5 Knives – Has Space for Additions – Sharp, Stlyish and Easy to Use.

Price Range: High End





Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn Stone 5 Piece Knife Block Set Review – Number 2

Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn Stone 5 Piece Knife Block SetThis more modern styled knife set is an interesting looking one. It favours a more minimalistic feel to its style, which is a good thing, if you are looking to have a more modern looking kitchen. It comes with the standard five blade set, stone colouring, adding to its more modern feel. The pros of the set are as followed.

  • The blades themselves are made of a material that is both non-slick and naturally anti-bacterial. Not to say you don’t have to wash them during and after use, it just makes cross contamination that little less risky. Along with the non-slick, it makes for a sturdier grip on the surfaces or food when being used to chop.
  • Soft grip handles, which are become more a common place than it used to be in modern production of the different styles of cooking knives, the handle itself boasts a nice, comfortable grip when using.Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn Stone 5 Piece Knife Block Set Review
  • The style itself is modern, from the blades to the clear sloped knife block. Showing not only the magnetic holders it has, but adds even further to that modern feel.

For those out to get a set of knives for a more modern kitchen, this set is hard to ignore. Having a fair price to them, especially for the quality you are buying, these blades are definitely worth considering when you buy your first or next knife set.


Features: Non-Slick, Anti-Bacterial Blades – Soft Gripped Handle – Slopped, Clear Holder.

Price: Budget





ProCook Professional X50 Knife Set Review – Number 3

ProCook Professional X50 Knife SetUnlike the other two, this set comes with six knives. All classically designed in their looks, which is a big plus for me, with steel looking blades and black handles, the “ying-yang” colouring of these blades takes me back to my younger years working and learning how to cook in my grandmother’s kitchen. The pros of this set are as followed.

  • Contains the following six knives: One three and a half inch utility knife, a five inch chef knife, a seven inch Santoku knife, a nine inch bread knife and also a ten inch carving knife.ProCook Professional X50 Knife Set Review
  • This knife set looks, and is, study, but the way the knives are created makes them lighter than you would expect. This makes for an easier time using them for long periods since you are not moving about as much weight as you normally would, which was a nice change for my wrists.
  • Stainless Steel Blades. The blades are made from a high quality riveted German stainless steel. Thanks to these materials, they are just as strong and just as durable as you would like a knife set to be, so it will be a lot longer before you have to replace them.
  • Thanks to the blend of metals used, alongside the stainless steel they are a lot harder as well as having more resistance to corrosion, only adding to the length of time these knifes will actually last you.

From the simple and class design, to the hard, well crafted, resiliency of the blades themselves, these knives are definitely worth purchasing. These blades are just another testament to the efficient and well-crafted nature I have come to expect from a high quality knife set such as this.


Features: 6 Different Knives – Lightweight – Stainless Steel Blades – Hard and Corrosion Resistant.

Price: Mid-Range






All in all, each set has its quality, especially for the prices they have, from the budget knives from Taylors Eye Witness to the highly priced Global Oriental. However, for value for money as well as a long-lasting nature as well as efficient and high-quality design it has to go to the Mid-Priced ProCook Professional X50 Knife Set.





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