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Best Swiss Army Knives – Reviews 2022 – 2023

Victorinox Evolution Grip S17, 15 functions (ring, toothpick, wire stripper), red/black, 23 x 85 mm
  • The perfect tool for everyday tasks, sawing wood and cutting wires. Key Features: With lockable blade and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Pocket knife with 15 functions and ergonomic double casing: Main feature: Ring, toothpick, tweezers, large blade, nail file, nail scraper, corkscrew, bottle opener, wire stripper, 5 mm lockable screwdriver, can opener, 3 mm screwdriver, sewing punch and awl, wood hacksaw, micro-serrated scissors
  • Made from high quality materials, made in Switzerland
  • Lifetime Warranty: Victorinox AG covers, without time limit, any manufacturing or material defect (with the exception of electronics, which is expected to last 2 years). Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or misuse is not covered by the warranty.
  • Dimensions: Height 23 mm, Length 85 mm, Weight 99 g, Item Number: 2.3913.SC, Item Name: Evolution 17
Victorinox Classic SD Pocket Knife, 58 mm Length x 9 mm Height, Summer Rain, 0.6223.28G
  • The compact tool with all the essentials
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 7 functions and high-grade Alox scales
  • Includes scissors, a nail file and a screwdriver
  • Classic SD has been an icon of sleek functionality
Victorinox Ranger Grip Boatsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Large, Multi Tool, 22 Functions, Locking Blade, Case, Yellow/Black
  • Your ultimate companion at sea to tinker with your boat and later open a bottle of wine Key features: Includes a shackle opener with marlin spike and a nylon pouch
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 22 functions and two-component scales for an outstanding grip: key ring, toothpick, tweezers, bit slot, bit slotted 45, bit Phillips 3, bottle opener, screwdriver 5 mm, wire stripper, large blade with wavy edge, reamer, punch and sewing awl, corkscrew, can opener, screwdriver three mm, shackle opener, marlin spike, ruler (cm), ruler (inches), sewing eye, needle-nosed pliers, wire cutter, nut wrench
  • Lifetime assurance: Victorinox assures all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel and also assures a lifetime against any defects in material and workmanship (save for electronic components two years) Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse is not covered by this assurance
  • Dimensions: height 33 mm, length 130 mm, weight 268 g Scale material: Two-Component scales Item number: 09798MWC8 Item name: Ranger Grip Boatsman

Swiss Army Knife Review – The Top 3

Versatility has always been a good selling point for any item, from cars, to mobile phones. However, the first real item to have versatility came out in the late 1880s. This item was the Swiss Army Knife. Used by field troops in the Swiss Army, it was made as a multiuse tool, made for opening cans to servicing field rifles. It was such a useful tool it has been used in the army until this day, and has even gone on to find popularity outside of the army, and is used in a lot of households because of its versatility. This is a review in the top three Swiss Army Knives on the market at this point.

VICTORINOX SwissChamp XLT Review – Our Number 1

VICTORINOX SwissChamp XLTThe SwissChamp XLT (view on Amazon) is a Swiss Army Knife made by the Switzerland based company Victorinox. It boasts a multitude of functions, as expected from this kind of device, but it has fifty functions in total from a corkscrew, to a wire scraper which is a fair few more than the average. It has uses not only for its original functions, but as an aid for electronics or even helping with a motorbike or car. Most people, who have used it, seem to have gotten along with it, and I am no exception to this. Along with the fifty functions here are some of its features.

  • Compact and Study. I have found in the past, that modern Swiss Army knives, that are not made for the army, have a problem with durability, and quality, when it comes to the materials favouring more uses. I found that this was not the case here, and found it to not only be compact like a Swiss Army Knife should be but it was well made and sturdy.
  • Fifty Functions Total. As I said before, this item boasts Fifty Functions, and they are not overselling this point, the number of different things on this Swiss Army Knife is rather impressive. Here are some of the prime examples of what’s on it. A number of different sized blades, both a metal and wood saw, multiple screwdrivers, fish scaler, with a tool for removing fish hooks. Alongside an electrician’s blade, wire scraper and a wrench.

Even though the features it has it not that many, what it has it has in spades. It is a quality product both in design and development. I could not fault this item due to the number of functions it has, which is was you really want out of a Swiss Army Knife, as well as being built to last as well as easily storable in your back pocket. I would highly rate this item.


Features: Compact – Sturdy – Has 50 Functions

Price Range: High-End


VICTORINOX Swiss Army Pocket Knife Review – Number 2 

VICTORINOX Swiss Army Pocket KnifeAnother high-quality Swiss Army Knife created by the Ibach based company VICTORINOX. This item is one of the more budget versions in their line, not the cheapest but far from their most expensive. However, it is still is a quality item for someone not looking for every tool under the sun, but at the same time still wanting versatility in what they have bought. Not having as many functions as some of the others out there, it is still a good quality item and not to be ignored when consideration. However, there are a number of features within this item, and those features are as followed.

  • Made of Stainless Steel and Nylon. The tools in question are made from stainless steel. So, if you take care of it, this item will last you a good while. Along with that, it has a comfortable grip thanks to the Nylon Handle. The craftsmanship is quality so it will last a good long while if taking care of properly.
  • It has fourteen different tools. Even though not as many as others, it still has what you need, if you are going, hunting, camping, or just need something from around the house. Where it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in hosting the exact things you should need, from a number of different blades to even a toothpick.
  • It is sturdily built as expectant from a Swiss Army Knife, so, it should not bend or break on you too easily. This only adds to the fact that, if you take care of this item properly, it will last you a good while, especially for the price you are paying.

Could not really fault it. This item may not have as many flashy gadgets as some of the others out there, but at the same time what it has, is nothing to ignore. An item worth considering if you want your first one or looking to buy a birthday present for a family member.


Features: Stainless Steel Tools – Nylon Handle – Has 14 Different Tools – Sturdily Built

Price: Mid-Ranged


VICTORINOX Huntsman Outdoor Swiss Army Knife Review – Number 3

VICTORINOX Huntsman Outdoor Swiss Army KnifeThis little number is another model from VICTORINOX, proving that the Swiss are still the best people to go to when you want you Swiss Army Knives. The Huntsman Outdoor Swiss Army Knife is perfect for someone who is an avid outdoorsman. Holding everything you will need for hunting or camping, it has got what it needs and it does it well. It is also well priced for someone who does not have those extra coins to shell out for the more expensive models out there on the market and even among the other products made by VICTORINOX. The features it has are as followed.

  • The Huntsman is a very versatile tool, and perfect for, as I have stated before, hunting or camping. It is has pretty much everything you need when it comes to these activities.
  • Comes Sharp out of the box. Some of the more budget Swiss Army Knives come out a little dull and need some maintenance when first used to get everything in order, not with the Huntsman, it saves a lot of time thanks to coming out of the box ready to go.

When choosing a Swiss Army Knife you should make sure it has the tools you need. If you are looking for one to take hunting or camping you will not be disappointed if you buy this one, especially at the price you are pay. Worth purchasing.


Features: Versatile – Comes Sharp Out of the Box.

Price: Budget



In my opinion, all three Swiss Army Knives are worth considering or just buying outright. All of them are expertly made and do what you want them to do. However, when it comes to sheer versatility it has to SwissChamp XLT, which, even though a great deal more expensive than the others, there is a reason for it, if you can afford it, I would suggest this one. However, if you cannot, the other two are still worth getting, depending on what you what them for.

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