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What Is A Non Locking Pocket Knife? Read Here

Our Guide To Non Locking Pocket Knives? Are They Worth It?

If you’re looking at buying a pocket knife, you might be caught in the decision between a non-locking and locking pocket knife and wonder what the difference is? 

A non-locking pocket knife is a pocket knife which does not lock back automatically, it is also the only UK legal pocket knife to carry.

Down below, we’ve gone into more detail about if a non-locking pocket knife is legal in the UK, the differences between both a locking and non-locking pocket knife and some factors to consider plus non-locking pocket knives on the market!

Is A Non-Locking Pocket Knife Legal In The UK?

If you are looking to buy a legal UK pocket knife to carry around then it’s best to stick with a folding blade that is come under non-locking folding knives, such as Swiss army knives. 

It’s important that the ideal knife also has a blade under three inches to ensure it is legal, however, the intent when carrying a non-locking pocket knife can still get you in trouble, even if the knife itself is legal. 

Non-locking knives are thought to be legal in the UK because they can’t be used as easily as a locking knife for knife crimes such as stabbing.

What’s The Difference Between Non-Locking & Locking Pocket Knives?

When looking for a pocket knife you will need to choose between a locking and non-locking knife, non-locking knives simply don’t have locking mechanisms, which means you have to manually close them and pop them open. 

Locking knives however have a stainless steel blade which pops open and closes automatically, these are illegal in the UK and many other countries, this is because they can be easily used for knife crime.

Is A Locking Knife Or Non-Locking Knife More Dangerous?

Although a locking knife is considered to be more dangerous than a non-locking knife since it’s easier to use for quick knife crime, non-locking knives can also be argued to be dangerous, however. 

Non-locking blade knives can easily close on your fingers which makes them dangerous, but locking knives can be easy to forget that they close automatically which can also make them just as dangerous.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Non-Locking Pocket Knife 

When deciding on a trusty non-locking pocket knife, there are lots of factors you should take into account to ensure your pocket knife is right for you. 

We’ve listed some of the main factors to consider down below. 

  • Safety – Avoid buying a locking knife due to knife lock laws, however, make sure your knife requires some effort to open and close to try and prevent accidental cutting.
  • Check local strict knife laws – Always double-check your local non-locking knife laws before making a pocket knife decision, your knife should generally be under 3-2.5 inches, non-locking and has to be opened with two hands.
  • Double check the blade length – Apart from being under 3 inches, you also need to check the length of your stainless steel blade to make sure it’s comfortable to carry.

Popular Types Of Non-Locking Pocket Knives 

If you’re looking for a legal non-locking pocket knife to buy, we’ve listed some popular brands of pocket knives down below which could be worth considering. 

  • Boker Plus XS – The Boker pocket knife has thumb studs for easy opening and measures three inches.
  • Victorinox Small Tinker – These are also known as a Swiss army knife and have a blade put in by a slipjoint mechanism, it is spring loaded and compact.
  • Douk-Douk – The carbon steel knife has a french design and an easy-to-maintain razor edge.
  • EnZO PK70 – This knife has sleek carbon fibre scales and has a 2.75 inch blade, it is a little expensive but worth the investment.
  • Higo No Kami – The non-locking folding knife is made in Japan, it has a friction folder for support and a tang to open the handle, it can only be brought at around 3 inches.
  • Lansky World Legal – With a 2.75-inch blade these compact knives have a nylon handle construction and a four-way pocket clip for easy carrying.
  • Spyderco Pingo – The European pocket knife requires two hands to open the pocket knife and is under 2.5 inches inside with an ergonomic design, making it easy to use.
  • Fallkniven U1 – This pocket knife has a slipjoint knives design with a nail kick design on each side.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non Locking Pocket Knives

How much does a non-locking pocket knife cost? 

This depends on the quality of the blade and the size, on average can cost between $20-$40 which is around the price of a Swiss army knife.

Are automatic knives illegal in the UK?

Yes, only manually folding knives are legal in the UK, automatic knives are illegal since they are easy to use as a weapon.

Which country has strict knife laws?

Most European countries have very strict knife laws, other places include North Korea and Portugal.

Can you carry a hunting knife?

On your private land you can carry a hunting knife, but in public it is illegal unless the blade is under three inches.

Final Words

To conclude, a non-locking pocket knife is a pocket knife which you have to fold and open manually, a locking pocket knife does this automatically. Non-locking pocket knives are legal in the UK since they are more difficult to use as a weapon.

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