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What Is A Buck Knife Used For? Know Here

Our Ultimate Guide To Buck Knives

If you’re looking for a new knife to add to your collection or hunting for the best quality model, you’ve probably come across Buck knives on the market and wondered what they are used for.

Buck knives are not a single type of knife, instead, they are a popular manufacturer of knives, ranging from sports, hunting and fishing knives made with different blades and handles.

In our extensive guide below, we will take you through in better detail what Buck knives are, the different kinds, how to choose the best knife and tips for care.

What Are Buck Knives?

Buck knives are a brand of high-quality knives which have been around since 1961 as an American knife company.

The knives were created when they were looking to strengthen the design and blade steel of the classic knife in world war two, they are most famously known for their Model 110 folding hunter knife in particular which was the first in the field.

Buck knives are a popular choice among knife manufacturers producing fancy folding knife types to entry-level knives and have a forever warranty on all their products making them reliable.

What Are The Different Types Of Buck Knives?

Whether you’re on the hunt for a pocket knife, classic knife, hunting knife or just a reliable knife for everyday use, Buck knives have a large range on offer for knife collectors.


Classic knives have been around for a long time in the knife industry, they have a classic traditional build and are often made with wood for the scales of the knife and silver for the bolsters of the knife.


As well as knives for sports use, Buck also has a range of kitchen knives if you’re looking for a solid knife to use for culinary purposes. They offer knife sets ranging from six pieces to thirteen pieces if you want to kit your whole kitchen out.


Everyday knives are similar to pocket knife styles and are designed to be small and carried for use every day. You will typically find that this knife steel is very lightweight.


Pocket knives are the best knife to choose if you’re looking for something portable, from fixed-blade knife options to cadet-assisted-opening knives. They are often found with wood handles or traditional rubber handles.


If you’re the kind of person who’s outdoors a lot doing sports or going camping, outdoor knives are the best, coming in fixed and folding designs. They typically have serrated edges for activities like wood cutting or making traps.


For fishers having a fish knife on hand is important, these knives are lightweight and the Buck knives can be used for strategic cuts, skinning and lifting meat instead of a fork.


Buck has a strong range of hunting knives used in the field for all outdoor activities and skinning animals as well as cutting up the meat. These single knife options can also be folded for portability.

How To Choose The Best Buck Knife

Now we know the different kinds of knives Buck knife has on offer, we will get into how to choose the best Buck knife and the features/specs you should consider in your new knife.

Folding Or Fixed?

One of the most common decisions you will need to make when choosing a Buck knife is if the knife is folding or fixed.

Fixed knives tend to be full-tang knives with the blade going straight into the wooden handle, the knives tend to be a little heavy but are the best choice if you’re after something solid.

Blade Shape

The ideal blade shape is very important when deciding what you’re going to use your knife for. We’ve listed the main types of blade shapes to consider down below.

  • Tanto – These are one of the best materials to use in knives for hunters because they are durable, and perfect for scraping and prying.
  • Drop point – This shape of blade has a strong thick point and since it drops down to the middle it also avoids punctures, it’s a very versatile shape of the blade to choose from.
  • Modified tanto – The modified tanto blade is similar to a tanto blade except the angle point is modified to be in between the front and back of the blade.
  • Coping – A coping-shaped blade is sharp and angular, it’s perfect for using in tight spots or making curved patterns.
  • Skinner – The narrow tip and curved belly of this blade are excellent for a skinning sweep to get through thick layers of skin.
  • Pen – This shaped blade is typically found in pocket knives and is the smaller version of a spear point blade.
  • Clip – Best for controlled work and detail use, this is thanks to the blade being thinner and having a sharp point, it’s not very durable, however.
  • Gut hook – The gut hook blade shape is best made for skinning with the location of the hook being placed best for gutting.
  • Serrations – The serrations on a blade give the knife extra grip and are great for cutting materials such as a cable.

Folding Mechanism

If you decide to choose a folding knife mechanism instead of a fixed blade knife, there are lots of different folding mechanisms you need to consider which have different pros and cons.

  • Liner lock – This opens via a metal liner inside of the handle of the knife, they are controlled with one hand for opening and locking the knife, the blade hole allows this.
  • Frame lock – The lock for this kind of knife is located inside of the handle and is one-hand controlled and very lightweight.
  • Button lock – A push button near the handle of the knife, pushing this allows you to lock and open the blade.
  • Lockback – This has a rocker on top of the handle and requires two hands to close and lock the blade, this is visible on top of the knife handle.
  • Strong lock system – A new locking system which has a metal strap under the spine of the knife, using a flipper motion allows you to lock, engage and disengage the blade for quick use.
  • Pocket knives – These blades do not lock open due to their small size, instead, a spring holds them in an open position.
  • Assisted opening – For this kind of blade, the user opens the knife then the knife will pop open the rest of the way, a safety lock is in place to stop the accidental opening of the knife.

Types Of Steel

After considering the blade shape and folding mechanisms, you should consider the type of steel used in the blade of your knife since this determines its strength, we’ve listed the different kinds of steel down below.

  • 5160 steel – Known as spring steel this kind of material is very durable and is hardened to help maximise its performance.
  • S30V steel – The steel contains a high amount of carbon and is double tempered, because of this it is harder to resharpen yourself.
  • 420HC steel – This is the standard kind of blade used in Buck knives and has corrosion resistance, the blade is also super easy to resharpen.
  • 154cm steel – Best for strong edge retention and heavy-duty cutting work.

Tips To Maintain A Buck Knife

If you’ve decided to invest in a Buck knife, then you want to ensure you are taking care of it as well as you can so that your blade can last a long time with maximum performance.

We’ve listed the essential tips to maintain your buck knife down below.

  • Clean the knife regularly – Rust is the biggest killer of knives, therefore ensure you are cleaning your knife regularly, spray cleaners are a good choice and make sure to lubricate the knife after cleaning too.
  • Keep your knife dry – Always store your knife in a dry place to prevent it from rusting and breaking.
  • Use it properly – Keep the warranty valid on your Buck knife, never throw or pound the knife and always make sure the locking mechanism is secure to avoid injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buck Knives & Usage

How much do Buck knives cost?

Buck knives cost anything between $50-$200 on average depending on the kind of knife, size and quality.

What type of knives do Buck knives make?

Buck knives make a large range of knives from, hunting knives, pocket knives, classic knives and kitchen knives plus limited editions.

What can I use a Buck knife pocket knife for?

Pocket knives can be used for a variety of everyday uses, whether cutting rope, opening packages, making tools or preparing food, they are great to have on hand for an emergency.

Final Words

Overall, Buck knives are a high-quality American brand of knives and are used for a variety of activities such as fishing or hunting depending on the kind of Buck knife that you choose. We would recommend investing in one of these knives if you’re looking for a long-term knife to have with a forever warranty.

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