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What Age Can A Boy Have A Pocket Knife? Know Here

A pocket knife is a small, multi-purpose tool that can be carried in a pocket or handbag. They tend to be less than 6 inches long, with blades less than 1.5 inches in length.

But you don’t need a knife with a blade that long to get your job done. Although they are primarily used for cutting, a pocket knife can be used for many different purposes, such as opening boxes, and even making campfires.

However, they are not allowed to be carried on planes, trains, and buses, and they are only allowed to be carried on airlines if they are locked in a zippered pocket or sheath.

According to the law of the UK, a boy who is 16 or over can legally have a pocket knife. In some places of the UK, however, the minimum age is 18.

Otherwise known as “pocket knives” these little tools come in all shapes and sizes but most often resemble an old fashioned penknife.

These handy gadgets usually fold up into a compact size so they fit easily into pockets or purses. Some models also include scissors, tweezers, bottle openers, corkscrews, etc.

Pocket knives for girls and boys

Despite how cool pocket knives are, not all girls want to be sexy tough with them. One day you might want to go hiking or camping.

The next day you might need to do some gardening. For those times, you need something more… discreet. What better way to carry such a thing than in a pocket knife?

Pocket knives are a great way to get your hands on some tools that would otherwise take up a lot of space in a pocket. They’re also a great way to have the perfect thing on hand for any situation.

Sure there are easily accessible pocket knives (like the one in the picture), but they’re usually just a single blade. A pocket knife is far more versatile; it can be used as a multi-tool, a slicer, and a saw.

Fans of pocket knives also love the customizations that can be added to them, like a locking blade, a bottle opener, a saw, a file, or any other useful tool.

Instructions to kids for using pocket knives

When using a pocket knife, always:

1. Use the sharp side of the blade.

2. When you open the blade, close it using your hand.

3. Never use the knife as a screwdriver, pry bar, or chisel.

4. Never throw your knife for any reason.

5. Always clean your knife and sheath after using it.

6. Never use your knife to cut any hard object such as glass.

Choosing the right knife for the job – entry level knife for child maturity

A good choice for a first knife would be an inexpensive pocket knife. A pocket knife is a folding knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that you can carry in your pocket.

Smaller knives for younger children are less intimidating and are easier to handle. Smaller blades are also less likely to cause injury to the child or others.

If your child is old enough to use a blade, go for a tool that is a little less dangerous, but will still do an excellent job. The Swiss Army Knife or the Victorinox are solid, entry-level options.

  • Folding knife

The boys in your life are going to love these folding knives, they are so cute and so cool. You can even get them engraved with their names and favorite cartoon characters.

One of the best part about these knives is the price, they are super cheap and super affordable, so you can get them for all your boys and put them on their backpack or lunch box.

  • Swiss army knife

There are so many pocket knives out there, it can be hard to find one that ticks all the boxes. The good news is that the Swiss Army Optic is one of the best, because it ticks all the boxes.

It’s compact, lightweight, simple to use and looks great. It’s also useful, with a variety of tools for working on your bike, and perfect for camping.

  • Entry level pen knives

These are small, pocket knives with a blade that is between 1.5″ and 2″ long, but with a length suitable for carrying around.

Unlike traditional pocket knives, they are used for everyday tasks and the blades are often made of low-carbon steel for durability, with a comfortable textured handle for ease of use. Since their introduction, they have become an essential accessory for many young men.

  • Scout pen knife

Being a parent means that you have to make tough decisions for your kids; the need to protect them from potentially dangerous objects is one of the most common.

That’s why parents are always looking for the safest option when choosing a knife for their offspring. Fortunately, you can find a suitable solution no matter how old you are. Scout pen knife are for everyone.

  • Wooden knife kit

In the West, wood is mostly used to make tables, chairs, and other furniture for your home. However, let’s say you have a little boy, and you want him to have a knife that is just as durable and just as useful as the knife you use.

A good wooden knife for a little boy will do the job, but we’re going to be looking at one made of a material that is both strong and that will last a long time.

  • Joint knives

it has been seen that kids are more attracted to knifes than adults, mostly due to the fact that knives are fun for them. If you are looking to gift knives to your kids, you need to consider buying them a joint knife.

Basic knife handling rules – knife safety

If you are just starting to learn how to use a knife, or you have not done so for a very long time you need to take a few things into consideration before you start. A good kitchen knife should be used for the right job.

If you don’t know what job you are using it for, the knife will become an expensive paperweight. When a knife is used for one job it becomes dull and useless for the next job you want to use it for.

Also make sure that you have a good honing stone and a sharpening steel at home.

Knives are a common tool used by both matured boys and adults, and as such there are some basic rules to follow that you should know before you start handling knives for the first time.

These include the need to respect the weapon, the importance of hygiene, and the dangers associated with knives and blunt objects.

Parents has huge responsibility for giving pocket knifes to there youngster

Parents has huge responsibility for delivering pocket knifes to there youngster. And if there is any doubt whether or not it is a good idea, it is a good idea to take a  look at the statistics.

Pocket knives are not just a handy thing to have for daily hacks anymore. Many people are now using them for survival purposes, so having them on you is a must.

Whether it’s because you are hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or even as a fashion item, having a pocket knife is super handy.

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